Can I hang anything greater than 5 pounds from the elhook?
Nope. But even the heaviest headphones weigh a lot less than 5 pounds.  Clean the mounting surfaces completely with rubbing alcohol.  Never use soaps or detergents to clean mounting surfaces. They leave a film.  Always use 2 adhesive removable stick-on strips on each hook. Using only 1 strip is not smart.

How can I mount the eLhook Product?
You can drill a hole in the elhook and use a screw. You can also use epoxy or other adhesives or you can use the included adhesive removable stick-on strips

Can I clean the mounting surfaces using household soaps or cleaning agents?
Definitely NOT ! Use only rubbing alcohol. Soaps leave micro residue. No window cleaners  either.  Clean all surfaces very thoroughly. Be patient. Clean it twice, Dude.

Can I mount the elhook on any surface?
Any surface that is waxy, oily or dirty needs to be cleaned really well. Clean, clean, clean!  We strongly advise against mounting to any “sealed”  granite or marble stone.  Don’t try to mount to vinyl surfaces such as car dashboards. Won’t work.

Can I cut off the little pull tabs that show beneath the elhook?
Sure. Easiest to cut them off  before mounting. Then instead of using the original pull tabs to remove the elhook just slowly twist it off.

Can I put decals or stickers on the face of the elhook?
Yes, see Fun Projects

Can I paint the elhook?
YES. Please refer to the example under Fun Projects. Also look at the examples in the Photo Gallery.

Can I buy ehooks in any other quantity than the 2 pack or 4 pack?
Sorry but in order to give you a good value the Amazon 4 pack is it for right now.
Contact us at elhook4u@yahoo.com for a discount quote on bulk volumes over 20 hooks.

Can I buy any other versions of the elhook ?
Not yet. But we are working on it.

Please eMail  us at elhook4u@yahoo.com if you have questions.

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